First Home Buyer

Adam & Darcy's First home journey

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New family, new home

Adam and Darcy are first home buyers and have been renting for 3 years and want to look at the idea of building their first home. Adam is a builder and Darcy is a stay-at-home mother with their first child.

They believed the idea of having their own home was well out of reach due to Darcy not working. They had no idea of what State Government grants they were entitled to and if they had to pay stamp duty at all.

Together, they attended an after-hours appointment with Jaime, after Adam finished work. Their objective was to gather information around what they could and could not do based on their individual situation.

Jaime completed a needs analysis with Adam and Darcy on their scenario.  They then discussed their borrowing capacity along with eligibility around grants and concessions.

Adam and Darcy realised that they were in a position where they could purchase their dream block of land immediately.  Whilst Darcy was at home with their first child she managed to do the research around the design of their ideal home. 

Jaime designed a savings plan so that when Adam and Darcy were ready to build their new home, all the essential lending requirements were met. Not only did Jaime help with the finance process from start to end but guided the couple through the entire process from purchasing the block to steering them in right direction with First Home Buyers grants, referring to conveyancer and builder.

The Result

Now 12 months after having first seen Jaime, Adam and Darcy are halfway through building their dream home and they could not be happier. Through the assistance of  Jaime Savory at Gippsland Finance Solutions, Adam and Darcy have gone from thinking that owning their own home was unachievable to be just a few months away from moving in.