Leveraging Equity

Business woman standing in office, confident with smile

Purchasing an investment

Carly approached Jaime two years ago to discuss the idea of purchasing her first investment property. Carly was a widow and had significant equity in her home but she did not know how to leverage her equity to then purchase an investment property.

Fortunately for Carly, her best friend had also purchased a number of investment properties with Jaime’s assistance. A referral to Jaime is what got the process into gear for Carly.

New goals

Carly and Jaime met up to discuss Carly’s long term goals and objectives, her plans for retirement and any financial advice that she had previously received concerning her situation.

Following the meeting, Jaime developed an appropriate 2 year scenario for Carly based on her goals on how much she could borrow to purchase new properties and then the return which she would receive from her properties.

Jaime also stressed the importance of having the right professions in her corner to help and guide with tax planning and transition-to-retirement plans.

The result

As a result, Carly was able to purchase 3 investment properties in 2 years. Also, she now has comfort in the knowledge that she has an achievable 5-year plan to retirement. She understands the tax implications with the new properties and is aware that all her financial goals will be met. Based on Jaime working with Carly and introducing her to genuine, caring professionals, Carly has achieved much more than she ever imagined.

Moreover, she is content with her financial position and is able to look forward to her her pending retirement knowing that she is in good hands.