Young Family

Upgrading with Children

Upgrading family

In need of more room

Lauren and Brett have 2 young children and lived in a standard 3 bedroom residential home. They both wanted more land to raise their children and found a 5 acre property out of town that they wanted to purchase.

A dissapointment in banking

They arranged an interview with their bank, the same bank where they had been customers for 15 years. What they believed would be a straightforward and easy process turned to bitter disappointment when their loan application was declined.

Help from GFS

Completely dismayed, Lauren called her mother disappointed that they could not get their dream property. Her mother was a client of Jaime’s and called to book Lauren and Brett in to see Jaime and review their situation.

Jaime’s inquires revealed that the reason behind the declined application, was not Lauren and Brett’s but the bank’s policy around the type of property that they were wanting to purchase.

Jaime met with Lauren and Brett again to establish their long term goals and objectives. This resulted in moving their finances to a different bank where all of their needs to purchase their dream home were met.

Jaime processed the application with the lender and obtained finance approval. Just 90 days later Brett and Lauren moved into their dream home.

The Result

Through incisive analysis and decades of experience in the finance industry, Jaime was able to identify the bank that suited Lauren and Brett and their individual needs. Rather than allow the banks to pick and choose who they would provide finance to, Jaime turned the tables and found the bank best suited to her client.