Gippsland Finance Solutions is licenced through approximately 25 lenders to submit finance applications on your behalf. The following are the major lenders Gippsland Finance deal with;

Some of our clients when they first come to see Gippsland Finance Solutions question why go through us and not directly through their bank and the answer is easy. If you go directly to your bank they will place you in a box that fits one of THEIR products, which may not suit you completely but it is the best of a bad bunch. If you come and see us we do the opposite, we tailor a product that 100% suits YOUR needs. We find the best product that suits your needs not the best product that suits the bank need! Let us take the hassle out of dealing with the banks…

If you have never dealt with Gippsland Finance Solutions before, we simply deal with the bank on your behalf. Instead of you dealing with the bank, not being able to get through to the branch, getting frustrated with them not returning phone calls and leaving you hanging for weeks, not to mention the turnover of staff, we take the hassle out of it for you. You will deal directly with us, you have DIRECT mobile numbers, access to your broker from office and not to mention the availability of appointments outside of working hours. We can attend your work premises, home or where ever suits you as the client.

For a hassle free finance process contact us TODAY !