When you become part of the Gippsland Finance Solutions Family – we proactively communicate with you every step of the home ownership journey. But what happens after you settle? Well, this is where our Client Care Program takes over. It is an in-house initiative whereby our Client Care Manager/s touch base with you (via phone call, text, or email) every 6 months. These contact milestones are important for you for so many reasons but just a few are outlined below;

  • Review your interest rate – what is your rate, how does it compare in the current market? Have we tried to negotiate with your current bank to see if there is better deal for you?
  • How are you repaying your mortgage? Are you paying weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. How does this affect your ability to achieve your “ownership goals” in the timeframe you want
  • Do you know how to use internet banking, the app and send statements to your accountant or financial planner?
  • Have your circumstances changed? Whether it’s a small promotion a bonus or a family inheritance do you know where to park this money to help you achieve your goals of reducing your home loan limit, paying it off and closing your loan or investing?
  • Are you newly married, retiring, separated, about to go on maternity leave – how does affect you, do you need a bigger house, or are considering downsizing. Life changes so frequently so what are your options? Our Client Care Managers will reach out to our team of specialists and point you in the right direction.
  • Are you curious to know how much equity you may have to support a dream to building a shed, finish landscaping or to buy a new car or caravan?
  • Are you struggling to cope with your home loan, car loans, credit cards and personal loans? Can I consolidate everything and have 1 repayment and save on interest?

We also just want to ensure your continued happiness with your bank and US – we are invested in you, your family and genuinely care so checking in on a regular basis means we keep the communication lines open to express the ups and downs that life throws our way. Our goal is share your home ownership journey with you making it as easy and stress free as possible.