Home Loans

Whether it be your first home or your third, it is vital to ensure you have not only the right loan that suits your needs but the correct bank behind you to support you throughout your journey of paying your mortgage off. Gippsland Finance Solutions will tailor a loan that suits your needs for the biggest financial purchase of your life and your family home. We will give you the ability to focus on the dream of selecting the home and we will deal with the banks.

The significant amount of home loan products on the market from a long list of lenders and banks makes it very difficult for you to pick a really good deal. At Gippsland Finance we compare mortgage products from a large panel of lenders and take the time to explain why one loan is recommended over another. We will also carry out home loan comparisons between lenders. If you decide to go it alone and narrow your focus to a specific bank or institution which only offers a small range of products, you should still use our home loan brokers so we can leverage a better deal with your lender of choice.


Refinancing a loan means taking out a new loan to pay out your current one. Often, choosing home loan refinancing will shorten the term and reduce repayments, allowing you to make extra mortgage repayments and pay out the loan sooner. It is vital you get the correct guidance with the best lender that suits your needs.

Reasons you may choose to refinance

  • Consolidate debt into one loan to simplify your finances
  • Gain a better interest rate to pay loan off sooner
  • Upgrade Car or Property
  • Restructure Owners of current property (marital separation)

Gippsland Finance Solutions is the place to go for refinancing and mortgage refinancing. Contact us and we will find the most appropriate new loan products for you, and walk you through the refinancing process from start to end.

Building Loans

Are you looking at building a house? There are two types of building loans; most common is through a licenced builder and the other is owner builder. Banks are very reluctant to approve owner builder loans unless you have in depth industry knowledge and have a significant amount of cash or equity to put towards the construction.

The best time to get in touch with Gippsland Finance Solutions is when you are looking at purchasing the vacant land to build your new home on as you need to ensure you are in the correct financial position to build the home. There are more requirements to securing finance with an owner builder loan, but the best way to get advice is to have Gippsland Finance Solutions seek an owner-builder loan for you. As you can see, it’s not straightforward but with our expertise, we can help.

First Home Buyers

Congratulations on looking at either purchasing your first home or building your first home. As you have never been through the home loan finance Gippsland Finance Solutions will step you through the entire process from application stage all the way to settlement and getting your keys for your new home.

Unlike dealing with a major bank Gippsland Finance Solutions will assist you in finding the best bank to suit your needs and ensuring a smooth and easy process from start to end. We take the hassle out of dealing with the bank so you can enjoy your dream of buying your new home.

Gippsland Finance Solutions will also give you all the latest information in relation to First Home Owners Grants and Concessions off Stamp Duty. It is imperative you touch base with us as soon as you start thinking of the idea to move out of home or try and break out of rental market. Call us now to arrange initial pre-assessment appointment and find out how much you can borrow so you can go find you new home!